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writen ref sheet (kathlen)

last name: Valtera first name: unknown middle name: Amera
id code: experoment 4927 code name: Kathlen
race: cat fox dragon gender:female age: 20 (immortal)
height: 6,2 weight: 220
class: assassign rank: high class job: murder
location: with osore build: tall but thin
base fur color: dark blue second base coat:light blue markings: mid light blue
eyes color: red and light blue on black hair color: night blue with red strecks
active: yes statis: unkilled assassign family: none that are liveing

profession: skilled in three diffrent types of fight she is known for. her frobidden art of shadow demon creation is one the types.. her most effective style of fighting is her  shadow wind styles. she uses her thin but flexable body to dodge and give powerful but fast hits to her opnint.
strength: 56/100 agility: 89/100 stamina: 70/100
intellect: 98/100 dexterity: 79/100 spirit: 99/100
power: 99/100 endurance: 89/100 vigor:99/100

primary elements: dark, lighting, ice, fire and ghost
secondayr elements: light, wind, blood, and water
basic info: when she was young she was a killer. she killed her own perents for the taste of blood. within her blood runs a gene that causes her to loos focuse and go crazy. most of the time this gene kick in is when shes in battle. it takes her a little while to regain control. the gene also has a good side to it. it alows her to stay in a fight longer without tiring or feeling pain. her parents genes where pasive. kathlens wernt.
skills: souly built on speed and flexabilty she can pack a powerful puch. her weapons get powerboosts from her power resurves. almost always gets a one shot kill she rarely gets into hand to hand combat. few srvive her best attacks.
weapons: the crystalen sthye of the ortar, twin blades dragon swords, two short fox katanas, and blade bracers.
forms: kathlen is one of the rarest of her breed. she not only have a normal form but a dragon and animal form. but not only that she and two stagesis she can be in other than her normal stage. her stages are demonic and anglic stages. both are powerful. one depends of the love and care for someone the other on revenge or blood thurst.
ok hers her writen ref if yal want to know more about her. hope you enjoy.
kathlen by me
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April 2, 2010
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